Overland Travel Stories

196 Destinations founder, Ian.

Hello and welcome to the relaunched 196 Destinations.

We will be building a community of overland travellers, and sharing inspiring travel stories.

I’m Ian and I launched a bucket-list startup some years ago.

Now is the time for a different angle and to encourage more people to consider the train, coach, boat or even cycle.

It’s early days in the resurgence of alternatives to flying, so first we will build our community, but in time we will make it easier to book these alternatives too.

Are you travelling overland from Berlin to Prague? Or maybe Amsterdam to Paris? Perhaps you’re going further afield. Jennie did, to Armenia, and we’ll be sharing her story.

Our founder, Ian, lives between Berlin and Málaga and in 2018 decided that he wanted to fly less. In Autumn 2018 he travelled from Berlin with an Interrail pass, and took his time across Germany, Austria, Italy, and France before arriving in Spain. In Spring 2019 he’ll travel from Málaga to Berlin via a more express route. Read, and follow, our facebook page to see more about these recent trips and other discussion pieces.

It’s important to understand the alternative. Not to be condescending to people. Or say “thou shalt not.” This doesn’t work. However, if there’s an alternative with information that makes it easier to book, then perhaps more people will travel by train?

We really want to include YOUR overland travel stories too. Perhaps you’d be willing to share them with us? Get in touch via ian@196destinations.com and we’ll add you as a contributor.

Many thanks for reading and we look forward to your involvement.


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