Barcelona to Paris in search of Wilfred The Hairy

Jennie, Ian and the team at are promoting train travel stories in order to make it easier to travel by train. If you would like to donate or contribute a story to our train travel promotion mission, please DM us on Twitter. In the meantime, enjoy this great article by Matthew. In autumn 2021Continue reading “Barcelona to Paris in search of Wilfred The Hairy”

The Importance of Being Earthbound

In 2019, a group of French rail enthusiasts decided there was only one way to get to the Tokyo Olympics, and that was by train. With all those wonderful places en route, why not?  2020 put a dent in their plans like they did in most people‚Äôs, but the organisation they founded, Once Upon A Train,Continue reading “The Importance of Being Earthbound”

Overland Travel Stories

Hello and welcome to the relaunched 196 Destinations. We will be building a community of overland travellers, and sharing inspiring travel stories. I’m Ian and I launched a bucket-list startup some years ago. Now is the time for a different angle and to encourage more people to consider the train, coach, boat or even cycle.Continue reading “Overland Travel Stories”