Berlin Escape: To The Polish Coast.

Ian escaped Berlin this summer by train and coach. As Covid was in the process of easing off, it was time to get out of the city. Something that many of us were thinking was wayyy overdue. Let’s remember summer, as the leaves are falling outside.

If you would also like to share your summer train escape stories, please do get in touch.

Berlin is located in the east of Germany, so actually not at all far from the Polish border. And then it’s another hop to the coast. Poland is slightly cheaper than Germany, and it also gives a different experience. JIN DOBRY! (Dzień dobry!)

Berlin To Szczecin

Train information, like usual, could be slightly better. We took a train direct from Szczenin to Berlin Gesundbrunnen last September. But can we find it now? Well, no. Not easily. Yet, there it was on the Szczecin platform when we arrived. At some point in time, you just hit go on these smaller journies. Even those with the passion, may not find the optimal route.

Szczecin is a small industrious city, on the edge of a lagoon. It’s probably got lots of great things, but we have become obsessed with a brewery bar that is conviently located 5 minutes from the train station. It has great food, lovely beer, and a stylishly done pre-war theme. Really worth checking out in between your transport connections.

Time To Relax On The Coast

Incidentally, Gryfice may have the solution to rolling stock problems in Europe 😉

Rewal is a little further east than our previous coastal visit of Miedzyzdroje. It’s a typical seaside town, with ice cream, gofre, and pizza aplenty. Arcade sounds and seagull squawks mix with the sounds of happy children.

However, the most amazing thing is simply the beach.

It goes in either direction from Rewal, for as long as you want. Often with a forest behind, and sometimes with high quality cycling paths too. It’s possible that it may have gone for the full 750kms of Polish coast-line, but this long weekend break was not going to be long enough to confirm that.

First stop; Niechorze. It had a large light house, and of course, more beach. A slightly larger town than Rewal, and a few more shops. Walking back along the squeaky sand, you will eventually encounter a small beach bar. Stay. Until sunset 🙂 Then, continue your walk in the dark.

Next up Pustkowo. Again, more beach, and beach bar, as well as an amazing sunset. Spotting a theme? Do try out the long zapiekanka (Polish pizzas) at Sabat beach bar – it seems a few of the restaurants compete over the size. Either XXL or 60cms is splashed about on the menus. Very tasty.

If it gets too windy, then consider hiring some bikes. We did this from Rewal, and headed down towards where the lagoon meets the sea, fully protected from the sea by a very large forest. Happily the wind was greatly reduced when we returned to Pustkowo and a swim was possibly, in the warm Ostsee (aka Baltic; synonymous for freezing!). It also surprises me how little salt there is in the Ostsee. The church at Trzesacz has mostly fallen into the sea, but it looks great at night as you walk past on the beach, with a billion stars, and for us lightning striking the Swedish coast 220kms away.

If We Must Go Home Lets Take Something Back

On the way back to Berlin we were determined to both go a more direct route, and revisit the gastro pub in Szczecin. We took a small private coach. Had a lunch break, and carried onto Angermünde by the cross-border VBB train (RB66) before picking up the regional (RE3) Berlin train to Gesundbrunnen. A quicker journey, and with a long lunch break, where we decided to take some piecuchy (pastry parcels) back with us 🙂

So, yes, you could do this route quicker by car. And depending on the time you leave, you may also get to explore/see some other places apart from your destination on the way. But it is very possible with a mix of coach and train to get to the Polish seaside and have an enjoyable break, and journey. Driving can be a hassle, and sleeping / reading is not so easy.

Travel Resources

Polish Buses:
VBB – Brandenburg & Cross-border trains – RB66:

Beach Bar – Sabat:
Browar Stara Komenda –

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