Fast, cheap trains from Barcelona to Madrid.

How? Well, with you can travel from Barcelona by fast 300km/h train, and travel comfortably with a range of operators, to Madrid.

Not only are the trains fast, the journey is quicker than flying city centre to city centre – often at 2.75 hours, sometimes at 2.5 hours!!! QUICK!

The number of operators is also changing fast. For a long time, Renfe had this high-speed route to themselves. And 3 million people a year chose to fly instead! Now there is competition, and it’s not just Renfe competing with themselves through their low-cost operator Avlo. The French state railway (SNCF) has entered the route, with their double-decker TGVs, operating as OUIGO. It’s a fun brand. But that’s not the last. Later this year, Iryo will enter Spain too, with fantastic new high-speed comfortable trains travelling all over Spain.

Tell Us About The Carbon Emissions?

Okay, when you fly, there’s more carbon dioxide emitted than when you travel by train! That bit you knew. But like me, have ignored sometimes. Why? Well, over certain distances it can be considered just too much to travel by train. But I can tell you, that over time, your perception changes. It could even become a challenge

Calculating the exact carbon emitted can be complex. However, flying consumes more than 6x as much CO2 as travelling by train – some estimate it to be as much as 20x!

On the Barcelona to Madrid high-speed train route, the carbon emitted is calculated to be between 16kg and 20kg. We include this on to help you choose the operator according to your own priorities – lookout for the CO2 column.

Can We Offset The Low-Carbon Travel?

YES! We’re looking at various existing schemes, and also at the possibility of planting trees around the popular tourist destination of M├ílaga.

Like you, we’re learning more each week. But it would seem that under some situations a tree can absorb 20kg a year of CO2. Convienient for that Barcelona to Madrid fast train route!

What About The Future Of To Travel To?

We’ll cover more high-speed train routes as 2022 progresses on We’ll prioritise high-speed rail routes that compete well with flying, and try to accommodate different travel niches such as long weekends away in Madrid and Barcelona, before expanding to include other train routes with competition in both Spain and the rest of Europe.

The climate emergency does require us to change our habits, and how we do things. It doesn’t require us to stop having fun altogether. By picking low-carbon travel, and considering offsetting the last bit of carbon, you can start to make a difference to the planet. Of course, there are also many other things we can change.

The first version of to travel to.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out for travel between Barcelona and Madrid today.

What is the cheapest price you can find between the two cities? Leave it in the comments below.

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